This Cookie policy is an integral part of the Privacy policy of Eumedica S.r.l. (the Data controller) and it is addressed to the users of the site (the "Site"), available at the link: Privacy policy

What do I need to know about cookies?

Cookies and similar technologies are information that sites and apps send or read on your devices upon your first visit, that is then transferred to these same sites or apps upon the following visit.
Eumedica uses them for the following reasons:
- to let the Site remember your settings, so that you do not have to enter them any time and to maintain you logged in, if you want it;
- to understand how the users use the services, in order to improve them;
- to show you ads relevant to your interests.

In compliance with current regulations, the consent for cookie installation and use is not always required. In particular, this consent is not required for “technical cookies”, that is the ones used for conveying a communication through an electronic communication network, or the ones strictly necessary for providing a service expressly required by the user. In other words, your consent for the cookies necessary for Site operation is not requested. The “analytic” cookies, on the other hand, allow to analyse and improve Site operation but your IP address is treated anonymously only.
Your consent is required for not anonymous “analytic” cookies and for the “profiling” cookies, that is the ones that provide for statistical analysis about the use of the Site or that define a user profile in order to let it view advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed while browsing.
The profiling cookies use data that are not immediately referable to you but that by their very nature may, through processing and associations with data in possession of third parties, may allow to identify you. The profiling can be based for instance on the sections of the Site that you consult or on the information that third parties collected about you, such as your interests, age, sex, location and other similar information obtained from your browsing activities. The unique identifiers (“ID”), such as the ones stored by the cookies, are used for distinguishing your devices and your actions from the ones of other users.
You can activate or deactivate all these cookies at any time and you can always change your mind about it.
Please note that the cookies coming from sites or servers of third parties can track your actions on different Internet sites, not only on ours.

How can I modify my settings about cookies?

You can set up your browser in order to authorise, lock or eliminate (completely or partially) the cookies, by going to the relevant settings page, for instance:
- Page for Mozilla Firefox:
- Page for Google Chrome:
- Page for Apple Safari:
- Page for Microsoft Edge:,del%20sito%2C%20quindi%20Cancella%20ora
You can choose to enable the cookies of third parties only for our Site by setting an “exception” within the settings of the browser used.
To disable the cookies of third parties after you opt-in for their activation, you can contact them directly, as it is not possible to do it through our Site.
If you disable the necessary cookies of third parties, some services of our Site may not operate correctly. The analytic cookies, on the other hand, allow to analyse and improve Site operation but your IP address is treated anonymously only.

How long cookies last?

There are various kinds of cookies that, according to their features and functions, may persist on your device for various lengths of time: the so-called session cookies, that are automatically eliminated when you close your browser and the so-called persistent cookies, that remain on your device until a set time. We list here below the cookies present on our Site.