We invite you to carefully read these Conditions of use before using the services provided for by Eumedica in the site www.eumedica.it.

These Conditions of use regulate the use of the site www.eumedica.it and the services offered in it by Eumedica S.r.l.

We inform you that the e-commerce section of the website www.eumedica.it has no advertising purpose with respect to the products offered for sale. Every product is accompanied by a description of its technical features and the instructions for use and any other required information released by product manufacturer. This description is for information only and it is not intended in any way to influence the purchase by the customer or to provide to this latter a specialist medical or scientific or diagnostic advice. The Products included in the e-commerce section are represented by an image that is only indicative of the product and that may not represent the reality in terms of size, packaging and colour. Any content present in the site, including the ones in the e-commerce section, must be intended exclusively for informative purposes.

Art. 1 Definitions

“Eumedica”: the company that owns the Site, that is Eumedica S.r.l., VAT number 02444340281, with registered office in via della Meccanica 8/10 (35127) Padova, share capital Euro 97.870,00.

“Site”: it is the website www.eumedica.it

“E-commerce” means the section of the Site intended for the sale of the Products.

“User”: it is the natural and/or legal person who accesses the Site.

“My Profile”: it is the page/space of the Client who registered to the Site. By clicking on My Profile, the Client has access to the area “Your account”, that contains the following information: Information, Addresses, Order history and details, Credit notes, Product returns, My personal data and the Download area for the agents.

“Products”: all the orthopaedic and care products that can be bought within the e-commerce, as well as any other kind of item, either created, manufactured, packaged and/or marketed by Eumedica.

“Parts”: Eumedica and the User.

“Cart”: virtual cart where the Client, through point and click, inserts the Products that wants to purchase.

“Conditions of use”: these conditions of use of the Site.

“General Conditions”: the general conditions of sale of the Products in the e-commerce page for Users and Professionals.

“Administrator”: is the person that directly or through its own representatives manages the Site, through the Control panel.

“Control panel”: is the Site interface that allows its management and the carrying out of all the operations in charge of the Administrator. “Bug”: error encountered by the User.

Art. 2 Subject and purpose

2.1 Eumedica offers a service of online sale of medical solutions and orthopaedic products for sport, job, daily life and rehabilitation.

2.2 The Site is composed of a homepage, the sections “Who we are”, “Why choose us”, “Products and solutions”, “Shop”, “News”, the area dedicated to the registration of the User and its account and the area dedicated to the agents.

2.3 The homepage and the sections “Who we are” and “Why choose us” are aimed at informing the User about the services offered by Eumedica. In the section “Products and solutions” there are the manufacturing companies of the Products present in the e-commerce area, the parts of the body to which the products refer, the indication of the specific products according to User needs.

2.4 The section “Shop” is completely dedicated to the e-commerce service regulated by the General Conditions.

2.5 The section “News” is aimed at informing the User about the activity of Eumedica (suspension of the activity for summer or Christmas break), training and refresher courses for the operators of the sector.

2.6 On the top right of the homepage there is the section “You are an agent”, from which the agents selected by Eumedica can access its own area and the dedicated homepage of the Site.

2.7 On the top left of the homepage there is the section “Contact us”, where the User can contact Eumedica by filling in a form or find, in the following area “Our stores”, the sellers of the Products.

2.8 In the footer of the site there are the sections “Contacts”, the section “Menu” that recalls the sections of the homepage and the section “Shop” that allows the User to access the legal documents and other services such as FAQ and Exhibitors.

2.9 Besides, in the footer there is:

  • the summary of “Payment methods”;
  • the logos of the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube. By clicking on each of them, the User accesses the profile of Eumedica on any dedicated social;
  • the certifications of Eumedica;
  • the section “Do you want to be an official dealer” followed by “Contact us”. By clicking on Contact us, the User can fill in the form provided and send a request for information to Eumedica;
  • the section “Newsletter”, where the User can apply to register to the newsletter of Eumedica by filling in the relevant form.

2.10 By accessing the Site and using the services included in it, the User fully accepts these Conditions of use, with the relevant changes that may be made as per the following art. 7.

2.11 The use of some services of the Site, such as the e-commerce, may imply the approval of further contract conditions compared to these Conditions of use, such as the General Conditions and the Privacy Policy. The relevant approval is necessary to perform a specific service. In case of discrepancy between these Conditions of use and the General Conditions, these last ones will prevail.

2.12 The User can find all the above mentioned conditions on the bottom of the homepage in the section “Shop”.

Art. 3 Methods of registration and use of My Profile

3.1 The User can create its own account by clicking on “Register” on the top right of the home page. For the registration, the User shall indicate if it is a professional or a private client.

3.2 In case of a private client, the User has to fill in the first section by entering its personal data, an e-mail address, a password, accept the Conditions of use and then click on “Send”. Once completed the procedure, the User receives an e-mail of registration confirmation to the address entered containing the access data and the safety advices.

3.3 In case of a Professional, the User must click on Require accesses, fill in the form with the information needed, accept these Conditions of use and send the registration request. Once received the request, Eumedica reserves to verify the identity of the User and the activity carried out by it. Once ascertained the professional nature of the User, Eumedica will send to this latter an e-mail confirming its registration.

3.4 The User can access to its own account at any time by clicking on “Login” on the top right of the home page and entering its own username and password.

3.5 By clicking on My Profile section, the User accesses the area “Your account” composed of the following sections:

  1. Information: where the personal data of the User is shown;
  2. Addresses: where one or more addresses referable to the User are shown;
  3. Order history and details;
  4. Credit notes: where the refunds made by Eumedica in favour of the Client are shown;
  5. Product return: where the returns of the Products purchased by the User are shown.
  6. My personal data: where the procedures to exercise the access, rectification, cancellation and portability right concerning the personal data communicated by the Client through the Site are shown;
  7. Download area, for agents only, where the commercial documents are stored.

3.6 The Client can ask to Eumedica to cancel its own account at any time by sending an e-mail to the address uffvendite@eumedica.it Eumedica will eliminate the account in the subsequent 72 hours.

Art. 4 Intellectual property and copyright

4.1 Eumedica is the sole owner of all the contents present and made available on the Site, such as, by way of example and not limited to, texts, documents, pictures, page layouts, icon buttons, design, know-how, data collections, software, except for the Products whose intellectual and industrial rights, among which trademarks, patents and distinguishing marks, belong to the manufacturers. No content of the Site can never be considered as licensed by Eumedica or subject or any other right to use by the User.

4.2 It is allowed to extract, download, print and/or reuse the contents of the Site for purposes exclusively personal and not having a commercial nature and without causing any damage and/or prejudice to industrial and intellectual property rights of Eumedica. In any case the contents of the Site can’t be used for purposes such as distribution, reproduction and spreading without the prior written consent of Eumedica.

Art. 5 Privacy

5.1 Any information relevant to personal data provided electronically by the User to Eumedica through the Site will be managed and treated by Eumedica in full compliance with the applicable laws concerning privacy and the policy about personal data treatment available in the section Privacy Policy of the Site.

5.2 Therefore, the User declares what follows:

  1. to have read carefully the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy present in the specific section;
  2. to have well understood data treatment methods and purposes;
  3. to know the rights granted to it according to art. 15-22 of the GDPR, European regulation about personal data treatment;
  4. d) to give its consent to personal data treatment as described in the Privacy policy and the Cookie Policy.

Art. 6 Liabilities and warranties

6.1 Eumedica will not be liable for any suspension or limitation of the Services offered in the Site, both deriving from any need of Eumedica, such as Site maintenance, and from inefficiencies related to Internet connection or force majeure.

6.2 Eumedica will not be liable for any loss, damage or prejudice suffered by the User deriving from the suspension or limitation of the access to the Site or suffered following this access or the download of any material for whatever reason present on the Site, such as viruses, malware or other damaging contents.

Art. 7 Changes to General Conditions

7.1 Eumedica reserves the right to modify the Conditions of use and the Conditions of sale once introduced new services, new Products and/or in case of changes in legislation. The User will be subject to the terms and the Conditions of use in force upon the access to the Site and use of services.

7.2 If any provision of these Conditions of use are considered to be not valid, null or for any reason unenforceable, this condition will not affect the validity and the effectiveness of the other provisions.

Art. 8 Applicable law

8.1 For anything not expressly provided for in the Conditions of use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy and in further contract conditions, the Italian regulations in force apply, as compatible with the nature of the performances here regulated.

Art. 9. Contacts

For any information concerning the use of the Site and these Conditions of use, the User may contact:

Eumedica S.r.l.
Via della Meccanica 8/10, (35127) Padova
e-mail: info@eumedica.it
tel.: 049/8932720

Art. 10 Settlement of disputes, jurisdiction and competent court

10.1 In case of disputes and claims relevant to these Conditions of use, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, the Parties agree to find an amiable solution within 20 days from the first claim sent by registered letter with return receipt or certified e-mail.

10.2 Once this period has passed without effects, if the User is a Consumer, according to L.D. 06/09/2005 n° 206, Official Gazette 08/10/2005, resident or domiciled in a state member of the European Union, for any dispute relevant to these Conditions of use, the Judge of the place of residence or domicile of the Consumer will be responsible.

10.3 Once the period as per art. 11.1 has passed without effects, if the User is a Professional, according to L.D. 06/09/2005 n° 206, Official Gazette 08/10/2005, the Court of Padova will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute between the Parties.