Pin cam walker ankle boot

Code: EU026

Packaging: 1 PC

Walking boot with articular grips to maintain closure, selectively limit or allow flexion extension of the foot.

Low profile of the sole to maintain the normal length of the treated limb compared to the contralateral. Single-bag sole covered in non-slip rubber with “rocker bottom” shape. Padding in soft synthetic foam fabric. Side arms and metal uprights . Articular grips at the level of the ankle.

Ankle adjustment system. Adjustment system with movable pins with transparent safety cover (increments of 7.5 °). Choice of fixed position, 45 ° of dorsiflexion and 45 ° of plantar flexion.

It replaces plaster without compromising the optimal clinical result, restraint, hygiene, comfort and safety of the gait. Ambidextrous.

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1 PC

Ankle fractures and sprains - Achilles tendon injury - Secondary treatment of weight-bearing fractures and osteotomies - Prolonged immobilization - Consolidation delays and Pseudo-osteoarthritis - Post-operative rehabilitation

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