A complete line of products, including foot cream and moisturizing hand cream, based on natural substances and vitamin E, which has a protective and antioxidant effect. A fluid cream-gel formulation, easy to distribute on the skin, non-greasy, rapidly absorbed and with an immediate soothing effect to give relief and hydration to sensitive, dry, chapped and dehydrated skin of hands and feet. All products are dermatologically tested.

  • Euscar


    Euscar is the complete line of products for the treatment of scars and keloids which, thanks to the particular substances contained, performs an emollient and moisturizing action, shaping hardened tissues and smoothing the thickness of scar blemishes.

  • Gel Air
  • GGDF30


    Beauty is made up of careful gestures, small rituals and professional products. GGDF30 is a range of cosmetic and medical products dedicated exclusively to beauty centers designed for the care of hands and feet, which helps them to regain all their comfort and splendor. A "luxury care" that gives our body a specific wellness pampering our every need.

  • Linea Jurgan
  • Linea Piede
  • Linea Push
  • Linea Push Sports

    Linea Push Sports

    A line of sports orthopedic braces and supports entirely dedicated to those who play sports and active people, which guarantee the natural movement of joints, preventing any incorrect postures.

  • Linea Zero Impact

    Linea Zero Impact

    The superior quality materials and essential design, entirely Italian, make each knee brace and Zero Impact device particularly comfortable and ideal for supporting movement in normal daily and sporting activities, and promote a rapid recovery in the post-operation course, by absorbing the impact caused by overloads. They support the joints and limit their incorrect movements. Each has a specific function to give relief to the joints and rediscover the pleasure of an active life.

  • Sloan