Double loop bunion spreader

Code: S039F

Packaging: 1 PC

Double ring device for hallux valgus and 2nd hammer toe. Relieves pain and corrects alignment of the first two toes.

It reduces the pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe.

The double ring configuration ensures that the separator stays in place while providing protection between the big toe and shoe.

The soft formulation of the gel allows it to stretch and adapt to toes of all shapes and sizes, minimizing the areas of pressure and enhancing its protective properties.

Cuscions and protects hallux valgus exostosis, separates and aligns deviated and overlapping toes.

The ring is soft and elastic: it fits easily on the toes and keeps the separator in place.

The device enters without difficulty in all shoes.

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1 PC

Hallux valgus universal protection for bony prominence - 2nd hammer toe - 2nd overlapped toe

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