SILK HEEL - socks for moisturizing heel treatment

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Packaging: 1 pair
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Medical device

Ventilated sock with soft oleo-gel heel that helps moisturize and soothe dry and cracked heels. Apply light compression and massage to dry heels. The nourishing formulation of the gel with natural ingredients provides deep hydration.

- breathable fabric
- Moisturizing gel heel
- Washable and reusable
- suitable for sizes from 36 to 42


Do not apply the product directly on open wounds. Keep out of reach of children


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1 pair

Suitable for dry and cracked heels.

Instructions for Use:

Apply on clean and dry feet, gently pull and place the gel part on the heel. It can be used in conjunction with moisturizers and other specific treatments. Use the sock at least 3 times a week at night. Remove the product at least 3 or 4 hours a day.

Recommendations for product maintenance:

It is recommended to wash the product by hand with mild soap and warm water and rinse well, let it air dry away from heat sources, do not use disinfectants or bleach. Apply some powder to the gel if it becomes sticky. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.

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