Cocco-tech insole Red

Code: EU076

Packaging: 1 pair

Lining materials of the latest generation with antibacterial and antifungal effects. Innovative inner layer in EVA A material, breathable thanks to a micro perforation. EVA A is manufactured with a special heat-molded resin, light, with an open cell structure, characterized by the good ability to maintain its original shape. Possibility of choosing the degree of restraint. Design suitable for casual and sports footwear.

The COCONUT fiber covering is a special latest generation fabric: it has breathable, antibacterial, absorbent properties and is ecological.

Deep recess for the heel and support of the plantar arch with two different degrees of consistency: differentiated support and containment features  (Cocco-Tech Red, Cocco-Tech Black). Dynamic molding insoles.

The softest of the insoles with a support shell. Lightweight, moderate restraint, calcaneal gel insert with shock-absorbing properties. Suitable for most footwear. High degree of patient acceptance (diabetics and general use). Thermoformable and cut-out.

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1 pair

Heel pain, slight pronation of the rear foot, suitable for diabetic foot, mycosis (athlete's foot), longitudinal arch support, tired feet, pain in the soles of the feet.

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