Maxeylash - Eyelash serum


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MaxeyLash is an eyelash serum that contains active ingredients scientifically formulated to improve the appearance, volume and darkness of eyelashes. Formulated in a fresh and soothing liquid base, MaxeyLash is colorless and odorless. 3ml serum (3 months of application).

Throw false eyelashes for your beautiful eyelashes!


Instructions for use:

-  Gently remove makeup and cleanse face with mild soap

-  At night, apply a thin line of MaxeyLash to the root of the upper and lower eyelashes as if applying eyeliner

-  MaxeyLash results visible in a few weeks



-  MaxeyLash is a simple and safe eyelash serum

-  First results after 10 days

-  Apply once a day with easy to use applicator

-  At day 30, the eyelashes will be longer, darker, thicker and fuller.

-  Once the desired appearance is achieved, applications can be reduced to one every two days as maintenance

-  30-60 days may be necessary for full effect.


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Indicated to improve the appearance, volume and darken the color of eyelashes. 

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