Push sports rotula support

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Pain around the patella or at the insertion of the patellar tendon, caused by progressive overload, is reduced thanks to the Push Sports patella stabilizer.

The elastic pad compresses the patellar tendon, providing effective support to the patella. The Patella Stabilizer compresses the patella tendon exactly under the patella, creating a slight inclination resulting in relief of the cartilage on the posterior side of the patella.

With each step, the brace exerts a compression on the patellar tendon, which allows a good dose of pressure. The degree of compression can be adjusted according to the needs of those who use it, by changing the tension of the band. The patella stabilizer helps the wearer to resume sports without pain.

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1 PC

In the case of inflammation of the patellar tendon, in the case of a jumper's knee, an overload trauma of the patellar tendon, in the case of Osgood-Schlatter disease: pain at the insertion point of the patellar tendon in the tibia, in the presence of femoral syndrome patella: localized pain around the patella.

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