Alevia for cold hands and feet

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Eucalyptus - Melaleuca
A light massage with Alevia cold hands and feet cream helps to improve circulation even at the deep levels of capillaries by releasing rich active ingredients in the skin, it keeps hydration at an optimal level, giving a lasting sense of well-being.

Eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and antibacterial properties. It relaxes the muscles and improves blood flow in the area where pain and inflammation are present.

LA MELALEUCA has antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral properties.
Both possess balsamic benefits.


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1 Tube of 75ml

Even mild circulatory insufficiency, which can be caused by various factors (the winter season, smoking, obesity, or standing for a long time) can cause an uncomfortable feeling of cold hands and feet. A feeling of soreness, fatigue or swelling is accused: Alevia, thanks to the accomplishments of modern cosmetics, allows you to effectively remedy these conditions.

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