Alevia for prevention of redness

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Packaging: 1 Tube of 75ml
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Vitamin E - Fluorinated Polymer
Properties: the cream-gel composition ensures easy application for a rapid and total absorption. It contains special polymers called perfluoropolyethers, a very recent discovery in scientific cosmetics, which act as a powerful barrier against any external aggression of chemical agents (detergents, solvents, etc.) or physical agents (dust, heat, cold, etc.).

VITAMIN E promotes water balance and proper skin hydration. It has an antioxidant function.

THE FLUORINATED POLYMER forms a protective and transpiring film on the epidermis which prevents
chapping and redness caused by irritants, substances, water and cold.


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1 Tube of 75ml

It is particularly suitable for those who, for professional reasons, come into contact with detergents, solvents or other substances harmful to the skin. Also recommended for children and the elderly who have to make constant use of diapers or pads, it is however an effective prophylaxis for anyone who foresees stressful situations for the skin in hands and feet in the daily routine.

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