Memory Insole 4 G

Code: EU088

Packaging: 1 pair

Insole with breathable and antibacterial action

Insole with base in breathable Memory Foam recycled material with high shape memory and cushioning properties. Deep recess for the heel and support of the plantar arch.

The COCONUT fiber coating is a special latest generation fabric: it features many properties. breathable, antibacterial, absorbent and is ecological. Design suitable for casual and sports footwear.

Memory 4G insoles are the result of in-depth research into materials and the application of the most advanced technologies.

Insoles offer many benefits:

- Breathable, antibacterial, absorbent
- Comfortable
- Cushioning
- Anatomical
- Lightweight
- Suitable for most footwear
- Can be cut at the tip
- Entirely Italian design and production

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1 pair

Plantar pain, talalgia, venous and lymphatic congestion, cramps, heaviness of the feet and legs, foot protection in walking and physical activities.

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